How To Get The Best Uniform Embroidery Services
Nov 30, 2020 editor

Companies always take into consideration the appearance of their store or office, including the conceptualization of their official logo. As organizations invest in appearances, it also gives proper attention to how their employee looks and carry the brand.  

Uniforms have always been a great way of representing your brand. It enhances how customers perceive the business by how your employees carry it. One of the ways to incorporate the brand’s logo is by having custom branding requirements in their uniforms. Quality logo embroidery branding should be considered as it provides a sense of belongingness and teamwork in the company. It helps in establishing customer trust, especially with the new ones.

Looking for custom workwear embroidery companies in Dubai could be challenging. embroidery services dubai are not all the same, and there are points that companies should consider. There may be a lot of embroidery services Dubai can offer, but let us see how we can get the best.


Embroidery is the process of decorating fabric with the use of thread or yarn, and sometimes there are other materials (such as beads and sequins) that are used for added decoration. In the growing world of technology, the process has evolved as well. Most embroidery used by uniforms embroidery shops in Dubai is being assisted with a computer, for a more efficient and detailed result.

Even with the use of computers, there are different types of embroidery that can improve branding or uniform design. These are:

• FLAT EMBROIDERY – This is the most common type of embroidery. It is usually used for logos or nameplates with the use of repetitive back or running stitch. This is the simplest one, which can be done by hand with the help of a sewing machine. Advanced embroidery machines still have this option, as it gives a simple and clean look most of the time.

• 3D EMBROIDERY – This type of embroidery uses additional material such as foams or paper in order to puff the stitch and create a three-dimensional effect. It is best used for company logos to make the design more detailed and stand out in the uniform.

• PATCH EMBROIDERY –This one uses a piece of fabric (sometimes using a designed or decorated patch) embroidered to the uniform. This kind of embroidery gives an added touch by highlighting the brand logo. Patches can either be printed or embroidered as well. The latter is now widely preferred due to durability, compared to the printed ones that can fade in time.

Today’s embroidery services Dubai sells are those that use more than one type of embroidery in order to fulfill a company’s requirements. Ask your local uniform embroidery shop the best option for your uniform needs.


Businesses usually choose embroidery in employee uniforms because it is long-lasting, while it enhances the company logo. Since not all Dubai embroidery shops work the same, there is a uniform embroidery process that takes place in order to know what will be the best for the client’s budget and preferences. Let us see the steps in what to consider when availing of embroidery services:

1. CHOOSING A DESIGN – Manufacturers usually have a team of experienced designers to help assist in deciding what will be the best option for your uniform embroidery needs. It can also help in deciding what option will be fit for the company’s budget.

2. MATERIALS TO BE USED – The evolution of embroidery has opened the doors of designing a uniform with special materials. Embroidery designers will give different options or if there are other materials that can be incorporated to make it look good. Ask the manufacturers for other options as they may provide you with a design that will enhance the look of the uniforms.

3. SAMPLING – There are Dubai embroidery shops that will provide a sample first before going to mass production. This will help to see if there are improvements needed to be done. Take advantage of free uniform trials if a manufacturer offers it.

4. MASS PRODUCTION – When the buyer has approved the sample design, the manufacturer will begin mass production of the embroidered uniform.

Following this process will ensure that the company will get the best while considering the cost involved. Take note that uniform embroidery adds credibility, brand awareness, and even advertising for your business. It may look like a small detail to the company’s daily operations, but you will be surprised at how a uniform can bring results and increase employee performance to your business.


Looking at how a computerized embroidery machine works, it is fascinating enough to see how pictures or logos can be transferred to the fabric with the use of a thread and needle. Some say it is satisfying to see how the threads form the design with limited human intervention by just placing the fabric into the industrial computerized embroidery machines.

Though it is fascinating enough how a fabric can hold an embroidery design, there are points needed to be considered to get the best looking uniforms for your employees. Below are the points you have to check before finalizing the order with your preferred Dubai embroidery shop.

• PRICED RIGHT – Companies always try to minimize cost while getting the best of what you have paid. Uniform embroidery shops in Dubai usually offer prices that are high but giving standard results. Choose a uniform manufacturing company that will able to give a competitive price and provide high-quality embroidery.

There are top uniform embroidery companies in Dubai UAE that have an edge in uniform manufacturing by providing a free uniform trial. If you found a company that can provide this, take advantage as it will help in seeing how employees will be able to carry your brand.

• EMBROIDERY WITH QUALITY – Most people think that quality is always about being long-lasting, but the changing times define it as a combination of durability and attention to detail. Leading embroidery companies always upgrade with the latest embroidery machines, and how it will be applied to the desired fabric. To provide quality embroidery, programs and training should be done by the manufacturers to their employees, to ensure it gives the quality output it expects. Make sure that the supplier you will be choosing uses the latest techniques, designs, and advanced embroidery machines.

Industrial embroidery usually has highly experienced designers and technicians, with a mix of hand and/or machine method with state of the art computer technology. Most clients prefer computerized machine embroidery due to its efficiency and different design methods.

You can make sure that the embroidery shop you have chosen delivers the best by checking on their other client’s uniform. Pay a visit to one of their clients to have an idea of what their manufacturing output looks like in real life.

• CONTINUOUS SUPPLY – It would be funny if you have ordered from any embroidery companies in Dubai, but in the middle of the manufacturing process, they have informed you that they will be a delay in delivery due to lack of materials. Especially during these challenging times, the best customer uniforms embroidery companies in Dubai UAE should be able to source their necessary materials globally. Different suppliers that have the same item available in different locations all over the world will ensure substitute when the other supplier ran out of stocks.

Aside from global fabric sourcing, there should also be a variety of fabric selection process. Not all uniforms are meant to look clean and crisp, some of the employees need special fabrics that can help them do better with their jobs. Enough supply doesn’t always mean having enough numbers, but having enough choices that will fit best with the client’s requirement.

• REMARKABLE PORTFOLIO – In choosing from a number of embroidery services Dubai offers, it is important that a lot of businesses already chose them as a leading supplier of uniforms. A lot of review websites are available to see feedbacks from their customers, including those from social media. You may also check their corporate website to see their list of their past and existing clients. It will give you an idea of how they manufacture their uniforms.

The embroidery services Dubai offers use a wide range of fabric and clothing items, such as caps, polo shirts, T-shirts, cargo trousers, hoodies (or jackets/sweaters), and safety wear. Note that not all embroidery methods are applicable to all fabrics. It is best to contact your manufacturer to have an idea of what will be the best option.

Dubai embroidery shops have gone a long way with the help of constant innovation made by embroidery machine manufacturers. These machines now work as a printer, publishing a design with the use of a computer and making a thread work like ink. Complicated as it may sound, many companies prefer embroidery on their uniforms because it is more durable and presents the brand identity better.

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