Significance of Custom-Made Uniforms in the Food & Beverage Industry in Dubai
Nov 30, 2020 editor

Implementing a custom-made uniform for a company especially those in the F & B industry is an essential part to take note of and not to be overlooked especially whenever conducting business. Having a uniform that is unique to the company gives off a certain ambiance that can often be the reflection of who they are and what they are about as each employee themselves speak volumes pertaining to the company’s personality and identity. Uniforms in Dubai have evolved throughout the years, some have caught on to the current teen trends of casual clothing and some have preserved the traditional culture and have incorporated it in their looks. Though time changes appearance, the ones that stood out and left a mark are those who proved who they are and what they stood for in the industry. Customers that return to the facilities that they went to certainly have a company that cares enough to leave a mark on these people. Below are the two most essential aspects to know about the importance and significance of having a custom-made uniform  implemented especially on catering companies.


Restaurant uniforms display an incredible amount of information about an organization and their way of communicating to the customers and shows whether or not they are worthy of time by showing that they can be both relied upon and know their way around professionalism. Though it is already a given that uniforms play a respective position in influencing customer’s impression, another essential the element that they usually forget is that uniforms can also impact the employees greatly. The researches regarding the job performance of employees working in hospitality and service industries show that those who are happily wearing their uniforms resulted in a higher rating of service performance, great workplace attitude, and provides greater levels of working satisfaction. Similarly, employees that didn’t like wearing their uniforms worked with lower work satisfaction and employee to customer correlation is resulting in relatively low satisfaction. Therefore, incorporating custom-designed uniforms are tailored to employees having their self-confidence, morale, and dignity in doing their responsibilities.


Uniforms are more than aesthetics and oftentimes they are considered as just part of an accessories to the overall look of the facilities. Some companies lack the time and effort to even put uniforms in consideration and this clearly shows because it doesn’t just affect the looks of the surrounding but this has a distinct impact on both the employees who are wearing them and those to whom they provide the company’s services. Building the identity can affect the overall image of the company in more ways than just customers know what they are about. Identity speaks to the core essentials of the company, especially for those restaurants in Dubai, they give importance to the reflection of their values in every way available. Consider uniforms as a stage setter like when a customer enters the facility. They would immediately see the employees and how they do their job and wear their uniforms with pride. This would leave whether a good first impression or a bad one. That is why identity in uniforms is important, to convey and to let the customers know what kind of company are they in, to let them know that this company isn’t like the others, that they have something that they stand for, that they can provide that good reason for the customers to choose them over the dozen in the industry.

Catering Uniforms in Dubai

Restaurants, fast-food chains, cafes, and other catering related services sectors of an establishment are always to be envisioned performing quality service to the customers with the right concept of restaurant uniforms here in Dubai, aiding them for the overall wholesome satisfying experience. UID offers various F and B uniforms designs that are available in whatever event or setting. Providing restaurants with a wide array of uniforms for you chefs, waiters, delivery people, and every personnel, we got the right style for you. Our clothing is sure to bring out the best in your employees, with custom-wear designs tailored by our experts. Elegance with quality and comfortable fit, we ensure that our restaurants wear the best uniforms here in Dubai.

All in all, companies need to have clothing that empowers, whether it’s for catering uniforms, F and B uniforms and as such creates a big impact especially the restaurants here in Dubai.