Buying Budget-Friendly Staff Uniforms in Dubai – During COVID-19 Pandemic
Sep 28, 2020 editor

The global health threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies to make wise business decisions, cut costs, and find alternative ways to be more profitable. From unimaginable expenses to mandatory salary deductions, every company still needs to ‘look’ their best and show that they can survive even in times like this.

Everyone would agree that employees’ appearance reflects those of the business. Companies should make sure that customers will be able to see that it is reliable, operational, trust-worthy, and most of all keeping everyone safe amidst the pandemic. Aside from making sure that employees are healthy, making sure that they look good physically can help make a good impression on clients.

Dubai is one of the first cities in the Middle East that have already adapted to ‘The New Normal’. Most businesses have resumed normal operations with precautions by following government-mandated guidelines. If your business is back on track (or opening a new one), never compromise on your employees’ appearance as it can make an impact on new (or returning) customers. Start by making them wear a nice-fitting and fashionable uniform and apparel.

Increasing operational costs during this time means that every money spent should be worth it. Clueless on where to buy uniforms in Dubai? Here are the things you have to remember to make staff uniforms and employee apparel worth the company’s expense.

Choosing a Trust Worthy Company Means Savings

It is hard to find the best uniform manufacturer in Dubai, that’s why you have to make sure that it has a remarkable portfolio of satisfied clients – and presently used in different industries. This means savings because they are known to provide clothing pieces of excellent quality, which will not need additional repairs or costs.

Manufacturer of staff uniforms that are present in multiple industries means that they know the requirements in different business fields. They may even inform you about the little details that you may have missed during creation, manufacturing, and delivery. This will give confidence and peace of mind to the buyer that the manufacturer will deliver a quality product.

Letting their potential clients know about their list of satisfied clients will give you an assurance that the manufacturer is reliable. If you recognize one of the clients on the list and saw how good their employees look in their uniforms, you know that they provide recognizable quality products.

Knows The Working Conditions in Dubai

Even before the pandemic, companies in Dubai are required to follow rules, regulations, and safety precautions directed by the government. Since it is an Islamic country, certain rules with regards to traditions and clothing should be followed by employees and companies as well.

Relying on a known uniform manufacturer in the same city will let you know about government regulations first more than anything else. Make sure that they have been operating long enough to know these government-mandated requirements. It will help you avoid fines and closure of the business when talking about the required specification for uniforms.

Especially with the pandemic, certain new trends such as face masks and additional clothing pieces may be required to ensure employee safety. To minimize cost (and possible discounts on large orders), find a company that can provide all of the required clothing in one place.

Dubai can be the city of extremes – too hot every summer, and too cold in the winter season. Choose a uniform manufacturer that will value your employees’ comfort as well, in order for them to work properly even with these weather conditions. The ‘new normal’ has required people to wear personal protective equipment or clothing such as face masks, and additional clothing pieces may be required to ensure employee safety.

Do Not Compromise on Quality

Most of the time, the word budget-friendly is associated with cheap looking and made with a low standard. While most of the companies would like to keep uniform expenses low, make sure to choose a manufacturer that gives reasonable prices on high-quality pieces.

Uniforms are prone to wear-and-tear, which makes it easy to explain why you need to provide staff uniform and staff apparel of excellent quality. In addition, if the company does not provide its own laundry services, employees who are using the uniform have different ways of cleaning it. With today’s financial condition, there’s a possibility that the staff may use low-quality detergents or those with harsh substances. These clothes are usually worn in long periods of time, making it prone to breakage and stains. Always make sure that uniforms provided to them are durable and long-lasting. You can save on the cost by prolonging the need to change them regularly.

Things as simple as a uniform can cause harm to your employee’s health, which can end up paying more for shouldering their medical bills than gaining more from profits. There are fabrics that can be harmful to the skin, or wrong manufacturing processes can cause cuts. Get a uniform maker that have decades of expertise and have knowledge of the appropriate materials to be used. The new normal has made everyone pay attention to safety, which is important for your employee’s welfare.


Isn’t it a hassle not to find all that you need in one place? Dubai is a very big and wide city, with a mix of long roads and metropolitan hubs located in various areas from one end to the other. Save on costs from choosing a manufacturer that can do it all for you – from inquiry, designing, creating, providing supply, and delivery.

An approachable uniform manufacturer will assist you properly from the moment you inquire about their services. You know that they are capable of excellent customer service with their years of experience and having a loyal client base. Knowing that a company understands what you need can mean savings, for there is no need to check each and every supplier from time to time.

There are a lot of tailors out there, but nothing can match the satisfaction of being provided with the complete service. Handing a design to a tailor doesn’t automatically mean that they can fully understand it. It would be better if the designer is present while uniforms and apparels are being created to make sure that your standard set is followed.

It is rare to find a uniform make in Dubai that will provide inventory reserves and management for your needs. This is a good service that can help you maintain your supply especially if you have a large number of employees.

State of the Art and Traditional Manufacturing

Gone are the days that uniforms and staff apparels are boring. New ways of making and designing should be present in a manufacturer to make sure that they can provide cost-efficient options. New technologies used in uniforms are:

• Sublimation Options – This allows detailed designs to be more visible, or those that are too large to be embroidered. A special paper (where the design will be printed) and ink are used, where heat will be applied on top of the printed sheet and fabric to transfer the design.

• Embroidery and Decorative Stitching – Embroidered designs are suggested for those uniforms and apparel that will be worn and washed most of the time. These are more formal looking than those of a printed one, and the design lasts longer. The latest embroidery machines now use computer software that makes the machine work like a printer, with a more detailed and precise stitch.

• DTG (Direct to garment) Printing – This differs from the sublimation option, as it prints directly from the printer to the garment. It is done by placing the material on a board attached to the printer, securing it (to avoid movement while processing), and letting the machine finish printing the design.

Though these new processes can sound technical, it can be cost-efficient. The best manufacturer can still provide traditional options, such as regular machine embroidery and screen print techniques. This will allow you to choose what will fit on the company’s budget.

FREE Uniform Trial

If you haven’t heard about a Uniform Trial, provides this service for FREE! This will allow you to let them manufacture a sample of the uniform, and try before requesting for a full batch!

It will help to point out what could be lacking with the design, or details that were not given enough attention that can hinder functionality and lack of comfort. There are some details that cannot be seen or observed when it is written or shown in a softcopy. This service is rarely offered in Dubai and other manufacturers, which will make fulfilling your staff uniform needs to be worth your money.

The true meaning of being budget-friendly is not just by paying less, but by knowing what you have paid for provided more benefits and can last for a long time.

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